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Boxed-in Gifting


We interviewed the beautiful florist Nikki from on 5 tips to make the perfect floral bunch!

Boxed-In: Did you always want to be a florist?
Nikki: No, I always saw my self-doing something in fashion but have always loved gardening. Boxed-In: What’s the best part of being a florist?
Nikki: Taking a raw material and then turning it into something art like. Boxed-In: Can you give us 1 tip to create a beautiful floral bunch?
Nikki: Pretend your hand is a vase and basically add the stems in as you would a vase, keep your hand loose. Boxed-In: How long does it take to do floral for a wedding?
Nikki: wedding floral can take 2-3 days depending on the scale. Boxed-In: Where does your inspiration come from?
Nikki: I am inspired by any art form, but traveling and nurseries really leave me happy. Boxed-In: What’s your favourite flower?
Nikki: I would say amaranths or a tulip, I like the angles.

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